What Can I Expect in Terms of ROI?

What's the Cost of Building the Wrong Feature?

The study below suggests that up to 64% of features are either never or rarely used. Think about it, if your development budget is 1 million dollars --- almost 640K is going up in smoke!. What if you could get 50% (32%) or 25% (16%) back? Again, on a 1 million dollar budget --- you would be saving between 160K and 320K! (Oh, and our software is less that $100 a month...)

64% of features are eithe rnot used or barely used

How Much Does it Cost to Solve a Market Problem?

The smart people at Enthiosys (a leading Agile Product Management Consultancy) developed an analysis outlining the cost of completing an epic (or a market problem, theme, etc.). The cost, estimated below, is over 200K!

Enthiosys - Cost of a Problem

How Does this Compare to Your Team?

Depending on the size of your team, the cost may be higher or lower. Build your own analysis by substituting the appropriate values and assumptions. Once again, I'm sure you will agree --- the small investment in timely customer feedback will save you tens of thousands of dollars.