Partner Program --- Increasing your Profitability

PartnershipOur Partner Program supports a network of referral and reselling organizations that market, implement and service  Quantum Whisper's customer feedback and product management solution. Combined, we target business to business (B2B) software development organizations that adhere to Agile development methodologies in the mid-market. These organizations typically leverage third party products & development tools.

Our Partner Program is set up so that our partners are successful in marketing, implementing, and servicing our solution. Our implementations are concise and quick - allowing our partners to get a customer up and running in a very short period of time (hours). And, our enablement process is extremely easy for partners. Our pricing structure has built in flexibility for customers, allowing our partners to creativity in crafting the appropriate "total solution".

Partnering is Easy --- Success is Hard Work!

At Quantum Whisper, we understand that Business Partners care about profitability. The following points outline our commitment to a strong business relationship:

"0" Start-up Investment!

There are NO upfront fees. What we do look for is COMMITMENT. We will expend time and energy in getting you up and running and we simply look for the same amount of effort coming back to us.

Quick and Easy Partner Enablement!

We want you to become successful as quickly as possible. We believe that you also want this. Therefore, our enablement process is quick and easy.

Great Margins on all Products and Services!

Our program is built around simplicity - which allows you to focus on what you do best - servicing your customers. Therefore, our model allows you to know exactly what your price is up front, so that you can price it to your customer competitively, and still maintain great margins. Fully enabled partners maximize service margins.

Joint Business Planning!

We must add value to our business partners. We hold joint planning sessions with each partner at least once a year to review market opportunities, profitability and margin metrics, industry trends, as well as the overall health of the Quantum Whisper presence within your company.

Co-marketing Funds and Proactive Marketing!

Developing leads and qualifying opportunities is paramount to success. We'll help you in these efforts. In addition, we provide all of our partners with a fully functional demo system so that they can immediately respond to demo requests.

Finally, We Eat our Dog Food...

More than other software companies, Quantum Whisper products are designed and developed through extensive feedback from our customers. We listen to what people want, and albeit we make few promises --- we keep the one's we make.