Agile Product Managemenmt for Dynamics CRM & TFS

Prioritize for Customer Satisfaction and Profit by Creating a Bona Fide Link between Customer Demand and Product Development.

Customer Feedback for Agile Product Management

Product Management captures customer feedback to ensure the product team is building the right software. Customer input is transformed to provide product managers with validated and actionable information used to prioritize development. The result not only ensures the most valuable software is built, but also allows your team to adapt to changing business, market and customer requirements.

Our product management solution is comprised of three components (below). For more detail, see features.

1. Product/Feedback Portal: 

    • Captures, refines and self-manages ideas, feedback etc.
    • Engages community in a continuous dialog with product management
    • Provides medium for customer-to-customer exchange

Below is a sample idea or feedback site.Customer feedback portal

2. Product Management Line of Business (LOB) Solution: 

    • Centralizes product requests (e.g., enhancements, new features, etc.)
    • Facilitates backlog development and grooming and links feedback to features (or epics, themes, user stories, etc.)
    • Scores and ranks features (i.e., for business value, stakeholder alignment, profitability etc.)
    • Supports release and sprint (iteration) planning
    • Provides customer feedback, backlog and activity analytics (e.g., by company, user, segment, category etc.)

Below is a view of the product management portal at the Feature (MMF) level. Notice supporting evidence on the left as well as other linked items.

 Product Backlog Item

3. Platform Extension, API & SDK:* 

    • CRM (Microsoft Dynamics CRM,, etc.)
    • ALM (VSTS, Rally, VersionOne, Jira, etc.)

* Contact us for availability

Visit features for more detail