Enterprise Customers & Subscriptions

Ideal for customers with more sophisticated integration environments.

Quantum Whisper Integration Platform is Designed Enterprise Customers

Enterprise customers demand exceptional standards when selecting SaaS solutions. This understanding guided our decision to select Microsoft Azure as our preferred cloud infrastructure. In this section, we highlight the key requirements of enterprise clients and demonstrate how Quantum Whisper meets these needs:

  1. Multi-tenancy: Quantum Whisper stands out as a top-tier SaaS platform, engineered to empower diverse business clients to operate concurrently within their distinct, secure environments. This setup guarantees absolute data integrity with no risk of unintended data sharing or contamination.

  2. Scalability: Microsoft Azure offers a highly scalable infrastructure, enabling our SaaS platform, Quantum Whisper, to expand seamlessly alongside the evolving needs of our customers. By dynamically adjusting resources in response to demand, we ensure peak performance and efficiency at all times. This capability for automatic scaling is a cornerstone of the Quantum Whisper experience, ensuring that our service grows with you.
  3. High Availability: We harness the power of Azure gloabal data centers to ensure that our SaaS solution is always available when you need it. This strategy allows us to offer unparalleled service uptime and regional redundancy, significantly reducing the risk of downtime while boosting reliability across our platform.
  4. Single Sign-on (SSO):  Quantum Whisper enhances the user experience by integrating single sign-on (SSO), allowing access to various services with a single credential set. This streamlines login processes, increases convenience, reduces the risk of password-related security breaches, and supports smooth workflow transitions. Our commitment to efficiency and security is evident in our robust SSO support (Microsoft & Okta).

  5. Hybrid Capability: Quantum Whisper seamlessly bridges cloud and on-premises environments, ensuring secure and uninterrupted connectivity. This dual-environment adaptability supports both your development and support applications with unparalleled efficiency.

  6. Advanced Security and Compliance: Uncompromising security measures, including encryption and multi-factor authentication, along with strict adherence to SOC2 compliance standards, are foundational to our commitment. In the enterprise landscape, we understand that trust is not given lightly—it's meticulously built.

To discuss enterprise pricing, you can book a product specialist and any time to review your requirements. Alternatively, if you want a formal quote for budgeting or purchasing purposes, contact us or send an email to info@quantumwhisper.com. 


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