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Integrating help desk and development teams has never been easier.

Integration Connector for Salesforce and Jira Software

Salesforce Service Cloud & Atlassian's JIRA Integration

Quickly and easily send case information from to JIRA Software. 

Case Management Workflow 

Integration connector for Salesforce and Jira Software on AppExchange.The most common scenario is the escalation of bugs or issues that require development resources to fix. You can search JIRA, link cases to existing issues or "send cases" to JIRA where a new issue is automatically created. Once development completes the work, cases are synchronized with key JIRA information --- complete with CRM update notifications.

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Happy Customers

Integration Connector for Salesforce and Jira Software customers.


Escalate to Development

Not everything is a bug! Escalate cases that need development to solve. Establish bidirectional links between cases and JIRA issues.

View Development Status in SFDC

Once a JIRA issue is created or a development link is established, support can view issue status and other fields (configurable) --- all within CRM!

Search & Link from SFDC

Nobody likes duplicates! Before sending to development and creating a new issue, search for similar issues first. If it's a match, link the case!

Map System & Custom Fields

Point and click to map fields between and JIRA. You can configure any number or fields, in any direction, be they system or custom fields.

Create New Issues

Based on case field values, automatically create new JIRA issues --- in the right projects! It's 100% configurable and supports all issue types.

Automatic SFDC Notifications

Development works hard! When they update or complete issues, CRM is automatically populated to reflect the new status or update.

LIVE Demo? It's the best way to establish integration fit. Awesome 30 minutes.

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Escalate issues, bugs or feature requests by integrating, Microsoft Dynamics 365 or ServiceNow with Azure DevOps (VSTS), Azure DevOps Server (TFS), JIRA, Agile Central (RALLY), VersionOne and GitHub.

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  • Eliminate the “black hole” between support and development
  • Search JIRA for existing issues and link cases
  • Provide single click “Send to JIRA” automation from
  • View case details in JIRA and view issue status in
  • Provide support with automatic work item updates and notifications


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