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Leading Integration Connector on Salesforce AppExchange

Team Quantum Whisper - Jan 21, 2023 7:25:00 PM

Salesforce Integration Connector on AppExchangeQuantum Whisper is delighted to announce that our popular integration app and platform is now officially listed on the AppExchange (yay!). After years of success and customer feedback, we felt it was the right time and opportunity. This is a great and strategic move to not only support our exiting customers, but also to expand and grow our business. As customers increasingly choose Quantum Whisper's leading integration platform, they are reassured that their solution of choice, having successfully passed the necessary business and technical requirements (security etc.), is the best solution for their organization. Moreover, the AppExchange listing will significantly improve our solutions distribution and discoverability. Growing our business allows us to constantly innovate and reinvest in our team and solutions. We are a software company and we love that!

As of January 2023, the AppExchange listing is live and showcases our top Salesforce integrations including:  

What is the Salesforce AppExchange?

If you are not already familiar with the AppExchange, it is's enterprise cloud marketplace. It includes ready-to-install partner apps and solutions (4000+) that support the extension of the Salesforce platform. Listings are designed to enhance the Salesforce customer experience by providing unique and targeted business solutions. Note, to make a solution publicly available to potential customers, you must be a Salesforce partner.

How do I access the AppExchange?

If you are an existing Salesforce customer and would like to access the AppExchange, navigate to your salesforce account, and follow the steps below.

  1. Click 'App menu' in the upper right corner of your screen.
  2. Then click 'AppExchange' and you will be directed to another page.
  3. Click 'login' then you will be automatically logged in using your Salesforce credentials.

To learn more about our Salesforce connector, or to book a live demo, visit our Salesforce integration solutions.

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Team Quantum Whisper

Team Quantum Whisper

Team of elves that love software and happy customers.

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