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Introducing ServiceNow Integration Connector!

Team Quantum Whisper - Jul 21, 2017 5:13:14 PM

ServiceNow Logo.pngThat cat is out of the bag! A few weeks ago we quietly launched out new ServiceNow connector. Similar to our Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration, it also integrates with TFS, VSTS, JIRA, VersionOne and CA’s Agile Central. Naturally, it solves the same business problem --- connecting people in support and development. Users escalate incidents (bugs, feature enhancements etc.) from ServiceNow to development for review, prioritization and delivery. The subsequent bi-directional link updates the respective systems and keep key stakeholder in the loop. No more double entry or black hole between two desperate teams and systems.

To learn more or sign-up for a FREE TRIAL check the our ServiceNow connectors...

Interestingly, despite great feedback, we’ve had several requests for other types of ServiceNow integration with Microsoft TFS and VSTS. Namely…

  1. Change Request  (ServiceNow/Service Management) to TFS/VSTS (similar use case to ServiceNow incident integration referenced above)

    *** UPDATE: DELIVERED (Nov 1st, 2019)

  2. Problem Management (ServiceNow/Service Management) to TFS/VSTS (similar use case to ServiceNow incident integration only in this case, customers are identifying and creating "problems" based on "X" amount of related incidents (think evidence to support problem).

    *** UPDATE: DELIVERED (Oct 1st, 2017)

  3. Agile Development (ServiceNow/Business Management) to TFS/VSTS (it appears they may be demand for some form of synchronization between ServiceNow work management for developers and TFS/VSTS. This came as a surprise as both ServiceNow and TFS offer competing work management solutions. It’s unclear why both are necessary.

Having said that, and being eager to learn what you are seeking in a Service connector, we’d be delighted to hear your ideas, use cases and scenarios. Please let us know what you think. Who knows,  you may influence our next ServiceNow offering!

Best success.

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Team Quantum Whisper

Team Quantum Whisper

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